Nothing Less Than Our Best

Dear Curtis Community,

As Head of School, I am committed to keeping Curtis on the leading edge in all areas of the school’s administration, programs, instructional strategies, and curriculum. In developing this strategic plan over the past year, it has been an honor to work with our community to harness our best critical and creative thinking to ensure a strong future for our school. Our students—current students, alumni, and future generations—deserve nothing less than our best efforts on their behalf. 

If you know Curtis School, it will not surprise you that our strategic plan process did not produce a generic plan. Rather than create operational objectives, our strategic plan focuses on what we want for our students. When a young person graduates from Curtis School and heads on to middle school and beyond, we want them to be dexterous learners with healthy, sustainable habits of body and mind who know and understand the impact of their own character on others and have purpose beyond themselves. 

Over the next five years, we will pursue these learning outcomes—many of which are intertwined and overlapping in the sense that success in one will create success in others—and strive to realize our envisioned future as our 2025 centennial celebration comes into view.

We are so glad to have you with us for this exciting next chapter in our story.

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